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Limehouse Church

The historic roots of Limehouse Presbyterian Church actually pre-date the formation of a congregation and the building of the church by almost thirty years. On July 5, 1832, two acres of land were deeded to the Calvinistic Presbyterian Church to be used as a burying ground and site for the Second Presbyterian Church of Esquesing. It was not until October of 1861 that the actual building of the Church was completed and opened with great rejoicing because Limehouse Union Church was opened debt free. The original, wood-framed building still stands with several upgrades over the years with a new front entrance and basement added later.

The setting for the church is rural and peaceful, providing a place of solitude in an increasingly hectic life. The historic cemetery set on a hill continues to be an active burial ground for the community. The church building and grounds are well maintained. The traditional Sanctuary with stained glass windows and oak pews bears witness to its proud history and heritage.

Services at 9:30

Limehouse Church



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