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Refugee Sponsorship Update


As a result of several preliminary meetings, the elders of Knox, St. John’s UC and St. Andrew’s UC have agreed to combine their efforts for the private sponsorship of a single refugee family. It was agreed by the Session that the congregation will be approached about providing five (5) volunteers for a Core Group; the resulting group of fifteen (five from each congregation) will then take on the responsibility of organizing the sponsorship, filling out paperwork, and arranging for the resettlement process. It is hoped that the rest of the congregation(s) will be willing to provide a pool of resources – time and talents as much as treasure – as requested by the Core Group.

If you are interested in being part of this Group, please speak to Rev. Steve. Other congregations in the Georgetown area will either be sponsoring families on their own or joining together in similar Core Groups. There will be a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, January 10th, 2016, following worship, where we will lift the funding proposal to provide$10,000 as a congregation to the sponsorship of a refugee family from the table – it will be recommended that we follow that funding proposal.

Last but not least, if anyone wishes to contribute to the Core Group finances before the meeting on January 10th, please note this clearly on any donations. Gifts given before Jan. 1st will be counted on 2015’charitable receipt. Should the funding model pass on January 10th, these donations will be counted as part of that total. (If, however, you wish to contribute to PWS&D’s efforts to help the refugees in the camps, please indicate that on your special donation as well!)


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