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History Bite - Limehouse Church
Although two acres of the land for a church and graveyard had been donated in 1832, and there was already a burial on that piece of land, it was not until 1861 that the actual building of the Limehouse Union Church took place.  Read more about the Limehouse Chuch here.
History Bite - Pipe Organ
Today we are blessed to have a beautiful pipe organ, and in the lifetime of everyone in the congregation, we have always done so. However, in the beginning that was not the way.  Read more about our pipe organ here. 
History Bite - Bells
On beautiful Easter morning in 1922, the church was filled to the doors, as a Dedication Service was held for the Lawson Memorial Chimes, which had just been installed. These are the set of eight bells up in the bell tower as you enter the main Church Street door.  Read more our our bells at History Bite Bells.
We Celebrate 150 Years
The weekend of the 16/17 of October was the culmination of a year of events leading up to the 150th Anniversary of our church. Our historical 166 year old Bible was used during the 150th Anniversary Services at October 17th. Read the full article at WeCelebrate150Years forWebsite withpics.pdf
History Bite - Fire of 1901 E-mail

About 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon, the 16th of February 1901, smoke was seen pouring out at
the back end of Knox Church, and in a few minutes, the beautiful 14 year old stone church, was
engulfed in smoke and flames. The local volunteer fire brigade did a great job to control the fire,
since the stone walls and slate roof contained it to the interior, making it extremely difficult for
them. At that time, our water came from a reservoir at Silvercreek, and according to the
newspaper, the fall at the church was one of the strongest in town, at 197 feet. Fortunately, most
of the furnishings including a piano in the basement were all saved, as were the pulpit and pulpit
chairs, and the original pulpit bible. Most importantly, the windows were also left intact! A great
deal of credit was due to our local fire brigade, who did a great job in saving the building. They
figured that the fire had started in the furnace, which was down in the basement under the front
of the church, and on the Monday following, the Board of Managers held a special meeting at
which time they made a resolution exonerating the caretaker of any blame in connection with the

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