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Sunday's Cool
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Sunday's Cool



Ages 5 and Up

Supervised nursery for children under 4.


Sunday’s Cool Sunday School: program at Knox Georgetown welcomes everyone who is interested in discovering the important messages related to the children in the context of pleasant and enjoyable activities such as computer games, cooking, science experiments and crafts. Every child is welcome. 


For our youth from Grades 6 and up we have for you FUEGO...where youth can have a burning for God.   Here we can have fun and learn more about God's love for us.








Sunday's Cool Sponsored Children PDF Print E-mail

Sponsored Children





from Nicaragua



from Nicaragua



from Ghana


Click on each child's name for more information on our sponsored children.

German Arias - Sponsored Child PDF Print E-mail
German Miguel Bustos Arias lives in Managua, Nicaragua.

His favourite subjects are Spanish and math. He likes to play tag and soccer with his friends from the community. At home he helps to sweep the patio, take out the trash, makes the bed and runs errands.

He was born in 1996 and was 11 in 2006.

German has no parents and lives with his grandparents.

The main concern is the family's financial status because his grandparents do not make enough money to cover the expenses. Their housing condition is precarious; the roof is very deteriorated and the house is dirt-floored. They are a Catholic family and wish to make improvements in their home someday. They also wish for the children to continue with their education and become professionals.

Fatawu Alhassan - Sponsored Child PDF Print E-mail

Fatawu Alhassan is in preschool where his interests include drawing and counting numbers. He hopes to become a teacher when he grows up. He enjoys moulding objects out of clay, and playing on the 'see-saw' with his friends. At home he helps to run simple errands. He is in average health.


He lives with his parent, brother, 2 sisters and grandmother. This Moslem family belongs to the Dagomba tribe. Fatawu's parents would like him to continue his schooling and gain the skills he needs for a better furture. Both parents are farmers, and his mother works as a petty trader to supplement their meagre income. They grow produce mainly for the family's consumption, and sell or trade any surplus. Often, their crop yields are very poor due to lack of tools, harsh weather and poor soil conditions. As a result, their meagre and unstable income is far from adequate to provide the daily basic necessities for the family, let alone the educational needs of the child.


Fatawu's family with goats purchased by Knox (2006).


Maria - Sponsored Child PDF Print E-mail




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